21 September 2022

How can a merchant build a payment orchestration layer in-house?

Payment orchestration is not a new concept, but in the past couple of years, the industry has seen an insatiable appetite for it from merchants due to the rapid growth and globalization of e-commerce. Adding multiple payment methods and keeping afloat of data and regulatory changes in local markets requires a great deal of engineering and tech resource, and can quickly eat into a company’s budget. This is where payment orchestration platforms (POPs) have stepped in to help.

But what if a merchant doesn’t want to outsource its payments, and is considering building a payment orchestration layer (POL) in-house? 

Retail Payments Global Consultancy Group (RPGC) partnered with a number of POPs, including Gr4vy, to get to the bottom of the cost of developing a POP. Using insights from the three companies, RPGC created three distinct merchant use cases to capture the requirements for different functions and features from their payment orchestration layer, and the estimates for the developer time required to build the necessary infrastructure from scratch to achieve a minimal viable product (MVP). 

To download the free whitepaper from RPGC, click here. In addition to the whitepaper, Rene Pelegero, founder of RPGC, hosted a webinar discussing the findings with Merchant Risk Council (MRC) - members can watch the full recording here

While building a POL in-house is certainly possible for merchants, there are a number of distinct features that only a cloud-native payment orchestration platform can offer. Gr4vy’s infrastructure gives merchants the ability to expand and control their payment stack from anywhere through a single Universal API. The platform’s single-tenant cloud infrastructure also reduces points of failure to ensure that a merchant never loses a transaction, and can also spin up an Edge to any instance and deploy it where needed, regardless of location, to help merchants meet regional data privacy and protection regulations.

For an overview of Gr4vy’s platform, watch this short video, or explore the platform features and get in touch with a member of our team to learn more.